Saturday, April 9, 2011


In the CooL-Psymon conflict, I have taken the side of President CooL, and built him a massive superweapon, codenamed Excalibur. Here are some pictures:

 The topmost portion of Excalibur.
A wide view, showing the top of Excalibur and the top of its focusing pillars.
 An ant's eye view of Excalibur. It's massive.
 Bird's Eye view of Excalibur. Just as massive. This was taken on Normal render distance, and the whole thing barely fits in the picture.
A slightly lower angle of the above picture.


Height - 64 M
Width/Length - 50 M (Base is 50 x 50)
Weaponry - Lava-fueled laser
Power Generators - Six dual Steve & Witney Afterburning Turbocarts
Security - Secure lever-controlled, iron double-doors
Firing Range - Can strike anywhere on the planet

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